Creative Advising Sessions


Creative Advising Sessions


You can opt to pay session-by-session or for all 8 session upfront. If you’d like to pay for the 8 session package upfront, please select “8” under “Quantity” below. Each session is two hours & can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, or at a cadence that’s right for you. Upon purchase, a creative advisor will reach out to schedule with you.

Creative Advising includes:

  1. Individualized support in designing a creative project that’s personally meaningful to the student

  2. Individualized support in project planning & execution using the 8 pillars of the creative process

  3. Ongoing creativity-developing reflection practices & activities

  4. Co-planning how to share product with community in a way that suites the student’s project.

  5. All instructional materials are provided, including workbooks and activity supplies (ex: post-it notes, pens, chart paper)

  6. Weekly narratives to student & parent(s)/guardian(s) documenting student learning & project progress

  7. Closing consultation with student & parent(s)/guardian(s) reviewing creative advising outcomes & continued creativity-developing strategies.

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