Creative Advising

Creative Advising is a one-on-one mentorship service for kids in 4th to 12th grade

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Creative advising includes 8 two-hour mentorship sessions. In these sessions, the creative advisor works individually with the student to 1) identify a project their passionate about, 2) design and execute that project, 3) share the project with their community in a way that best fits their product & Personality.

Over the course of the 8 weeks, the student will walk through the 8 pillars of the creative process, learning how to bring an idea to fruition! The student will also develop the mindsets required to persevere through creative challenge and apply those mindsets to their own work. You can learn more about the 8 pillars of the creative process & The creative mindsets here.

Creative Advising Package:

  1. Individualized support in designing a creative project that’s personally meaningful to the student

  2. Individualized support in project planning & execution using the 8 pillars of the creative process

  3. Ongoing creativity-developing reflection practices & activities

  4. Co-planning how to share product with community in a way that suites the student’s project.

  5. All instructional materials are provided, including workbooks and activity supplies (ex: post-it notes, pens, chart paper)

  6. Weekly narratives to student & parent(s)/guardian(s) documenting student learning & project progress

  7. Closing consultation with student & parent(s)/guardian(s) reviewing creative advising outcomes & continued creativity-developing strategies.