Create Your purpose

All children start school with fertile imaginations, ardent curiosity, and an eagerness to learn, but  so many leave in much different condition, unsure of who they are and what they have to offer. 50% of matriculating freshmen enter college “undecided” and 75% change their major at least once. The situation doesn’t improve after college. Only 35% of students start their career upon graduating. The rest spend their twenties trying to figure it out. With 16 years of schooling behind them, why do our youth feel aimless, not knowing who they are and what they have to offer. It doesn't seem right! Shouldn't education be self-actualizing? At Crea, we think so! We use the creative process to help young people find their purpose. We borrow from Ken Robinson, defining purpose as the intersection of what you love and what you’re good at; it’s the sweet spot where productivity and fulfillment happen. CREA exists to educate kids into their purpose, to support them in discovering what they love, what they're good at, and what they have to offer their community and the world. Every child has purpose. We unlock it.


OUr Mission

we harness every young person’s strengths & interests to Foster Creativity & a sense of purpose.


Our Vision

As a creative education program, we grow purpose-driven people pursuing productive & fulfilling lives.


Defining Purpose

We define purpose as the place where what you love & what you're good at meet. it's the key to success And well being.