The Mission 

our mission is to empower young people to create for a more fulfilling future.

The Vision

our vision is that every young person's creativity grows with them into adulthood. we want our students to harness their creativity across disciplines in pursuit of Productive & Fulfilling lives. 

What We Do

CREA is a creative community center offering workshops, camps, a-la-carte courses, and family events that nurture & grow students’ innate creativity. At CREA, students’ interests, CURIoSITY, and strengths are at the center of their experience. The staple of CREA is our creativity workshop where kids learn the eight pillars of the creative process while designing & executing personally meaningful projects. From writing books, to set design, to organizing social movements, we cultivate every students’ power to producE the WORK THAT CALLS TO them. 


Why does cultivating creativity matter? Transformational social movements, technological advancements, new educational practices, and artistic contributions that shape our culture are all birthed from a human instinct to create and people committed to the CREATIVE PROCESS. Unfortunately, The current education system educates students out of their creativity instead of into it.  CREA is different. We know creativity is the greatest resource OUR Children Have, and THEIR educational experiences should foster, not squander it. CREA is designed to cultivate every child's creative capacity. We believe the best way to guarantee a Fulfilling future for our children is to TEACH The PROCESS, skills, & mindsets required to CREATe THE WORK THAT CAlls to them.