Our instructional approach is built around the Three Objectives outlined Below: 


1. Teaching The Creative Process

The pillars of the creative process are the same across disciplines whether applied in the arts, business, social organizing, or any work that involves bringing something new or improved into existence.  At CREA, we guide students through the creative process while they design & execute projects that are meaningful to them. In doing so, we prepare students to apply this framework to the creative projects they pursue across their lifetime.  We define the pillars of the creative process as follows:

  1. IDENTITY "I am creative"

  2. INSPIRATION "inspiration is all around me"

  3. IMMERSION "I immerse myself in the medium, topic, or skill I'm pursuing"

  4. IMAGINATION "I freely generate ideas"

  5. NARROWING "I narrow my creative focus"

  6. PLANNING "I have a plan of action for creating my work"

  7. DRAFTING, EDITING, REVISING "I continuously improve my work"

  8. SHARING WITH COMMUNITY "I share my process, product, & self reflections with others"

2. Developing creative mindsets

Designing & executing creative projects puts kids in the drivers seat, truly positioning them as owners of their learning. As we coach students through the creative process, they employ the mindsets required to bring an idea to fruition. The result is kids with vision, independence, confidence, and self-discipline. Our approach deliberately develops the below skills & mindsets, preparing our students to live their version of fruitful & fulfilling lives. 

  1. POSITIVE SELF REGARD "What I have to offer is valuable"

  2. DIVERGENT THINKING "I explore diverse solutions to the challenges I face"

  3. INITIATIVE & RESPONSIBILITY "I manage a project from beginning to end"

  4. PERSISTENCE "I work through difficulty and frustration"

  5. COURAGE "I step out of my comfort zone to do work I'm proud of"

  6. SELF AWARENESS "I know myself as a learner & person"

  7. RESOURCEFULNESS "I find ways to make my vision a reality"

  8. ADAPTABILITY "I adjust when new information or circumstances arise"



3. Building Creative Community

At CREA, students' creativity  is enhanced by the community they create within. CREA offers a vibrant & supportive environment with ample opportunities for students to  grow as collaborators and independent creators.  Our students build community by engaging in…

  1. PEER-TO-PEER LEARNING "My peers are my teachers, too"

  2. MINDFUL FEEDBACK "I offer and receive 'right time, right kind' feedback"

  3. THOUGHT PARTNERSHIP "I actively engage with others on their projects"

  4. COMMUNITY SUPPORT "I admire my peers hard work"

  5. CELEBRATION "I congratulate my peers on their accomplishments"