The Teen Residency is for creative teenagers that WAnt the space, time, resources, and support to make the work they feel called to CREATE. the residency includes: 

  1. Studio space: Residents will have a studio space to call their own. Teens will have access to their assigned space during open studio hours, one-on-one creative advising sessions, & teen residency meetings.

  2.  One-on-one creative advising: Residents will receive creative advising to support them through the eight phases of the creative process. Sessions occur once a week for 45 minutes.

  3. Access to resources: During open studio hours, one-on-one advising sessions, and resident meetings, teens will have access to Crea resources, including computers, cameras, art supplies, etc. 

  4. A community of like-minded teens:  Teen residents will meet bi-weekly to socialize, reflect, share their work, and offer each other feedback & support.

  5. A platform to share their work: Teen residents are interviewed about their work on the CREA podcast. They also share their work at the Teen Residency expo.