CREA is not your typical arts program for kids. Here's whY:


1. We're purpose driven. We use the creative process to develop a sense of purpose in all kids. We use structured reflection activities to support kids in uncovering their strengths, interests, curiosities, and who they are as learners and people.

2. We define creativity broadly. Creativity is not just making art, it's the act of bringing something new or improved into existence. No matter the discipline, we want our students to have the creative skill to innovate within their field of interest.

3. Student choice is the key. Students always design their product. We don't require all kids to make an expressionist painting, build a robot, or throw a ceramic pot. Our unique approach teaches students how to bring an idea to fruition. They pick the project, we teach  the process they need to make it a reality.

4. The learning is authentic. We coach our students through the process of bringing their idea to life. If their project requires robotics skills we support them in  learning what they need to bring their idea to fruition.  This is learning in context. This is how learning looks in the real world.

5. Our approach is grounded in educational research. The Crea approach is deeply informed by the process and workshop movement. We borrow ideas from researchers like Katherine Bomer, Nancy Atwell, Lucy Calkins, and Jerome Harste.  Our founder's background in education & deep knowledge of cutting-edge educational approaches informs all that we do.