Why Creativity?

What's the impact of the creativity gap in schools? well, it's not minor. The absence of A CREATIVE Education impacts students' personal & professional well-being later in life. fostering creativity is essential for job & economic competitiveness, but it's also a vehicle for creating lives with purpose in and beyond the work we do.


Job Competitiveness

U.S. employers rank creativity in the top three qualities for employees to possess.

84% of executives say creativity is extremely important to their company's success. Cultivating a child's creativity reaps rich long-term rewards - studies show that it correlates with greater professional success later in life, whether or not the individual goes into a field typically considered "creative."





economic Growth

Creativity is the new engine of economic growth.

Experts argue that moving forward the world will be divided into low imagination & high-imagination enabling countries, those that either foster or suppress their people’s creative capacities. This quality will correlate to the success of the country in the global economy.



College & Life Readiness

50% of matriculating freshman enter college undeclared & 75% change their major AT LEAST once.

Only 35% of graduates start their career after graduation. The remaining 65% spend their 20s figuring it out. With 16 years of school under their belt, our young people have no real sense of their individual interests and talents, or  how to use them to build fruitful & fulfilling lives on their own terms. Creativity facilitates self-actualization.