In this 8 week workshop, students move through the creative process while designing & executing creative projects that tap into their purpose. In this workshop students develop a strong creative identity by exploring what they're strengths are, what interests them, and what they feel called to make! They’ll learn & apply the pillars of the creative process and develop the mindsets required to see projects through from beginning to end. When you pick your child up, they will be buzzing with excitement! They will feel confident in their ideas and eager to Bring them to fruition. 


Sustainable Creativity Workshop:

This 2-hour weekend workshop explores creativity through the lens of environmentalism. How do we make work with an environmental conscience? We’ll learn strategies for making environmentally sustainable work from A visiting teacher & artist.  When you pick your child up they’ll be deep in thought, considering how their creative practice impacts the natural world.


Creating for Community Impact:

In this 3 week workshop, students will move through the phases of design thinking (empathize, define, ideatE, prototype, & test) to create products  in support of causes that are meaningful to them. Design thinking is a creative problem solving approach used by some of the most innovative companies in the world. This workshop is about students harnessing their skills in Service of their community. When you pick up your child, they’ll be inspired by their own power to impact the world around them!